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haydens realm

Hayden's Realm

There were things in the air that shouldn’t be there.

Much to his surprise, Max Hayden's plum new job turns out to be a top-secret project developing anti-gravity drives for 'flying objects'.


joe gillespie

With rogue American agents on his tail and overseen by an extraterrestrial entity from beyond normal space and time, Max has to find a way to return to his own 'realm' and to thwart the colonisation of Planet Earth by an ancient intergalactic race.

A journey into space and time like none other, this book will leave you gripped from start to finish, with twists that keep you questioning what will happen next.

Available from Amazon wherever you are in paperback and for Kindle. Search for 'Joe Gillespie'. Also available from major book stores everywhere.

Illustrations and animation by the author